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1′ x 4′ FPEL-1X4-30

30w, Premium LED Flat Panel

Our FPEL-1×4-30 premium, 30 watt LED flat panel from ATG is designed for direct, drop-in replacement of traditional 1’x4′ fixtures as well as use in new suspended ceiling installations. Surface mount kits are also available.

These premium LED units provide substantial power savings, optimal lighting and superior heat management. You can expect a maintenance free lifespan of 100,000+ hours from these amazing, super-thin fixtures.

Our high efficiency SMD LEDs, deliver “best in class” luminous efficacy and color fidelity, along with excellent heat dissipation – all packaged in a streamlined profile design.

Ideal for offices, schools, hospitals, restaurants, stores, malls, warehouses, medical facilities, task lighting and other commercial, industrial and institutional applications.